Friday Mornings 9am-11am @ Saint Mark's Church
131 E. 10th Street, NYC, NY (on 2nd Ave)
$20, $15 Students / Elders

Please note: 

After reconsidering, I feel that the best thing to do is to postpone class until further notice.

In light of the ever-changing landscape surrounding COVID-19, I have chosen to postpone Morning Waves at Saint Marks Church until further notice.

Please check back on NYC 5Rhyhtms Facebook page or visit for the latest updates on class.

Thank you all!

Be well and can't wait for

our next dance together!

Ariel & Peter

"Energy moves in waves. 

 Waves move in patterns.

 Patterns move in rhythms. 

 Human beings are just that; Energy,  waves, patterns, rhythms. Nothing more,  nothing less… a dance.” ~ Gabrielle Roth


 Morning Waves is a calling into the  embodied simplicity of Gabrielle Roth’s  5Rhythms® wave map. A journey into the rich tapestry of the moment.


 Come join us at Saint Mark’s Church as  we dive into our own moving center, a  place where instinct meets wisdom and  breath welcomes spirit. All you need is  yourself, just the way you are.