Friday Mornings 9am-11am @ Saint Mark's Church
131 E. 10th Street, NYC, NY (on 2nd Ave)
$20, $15 Students / Elders

"Energy moves in waves. 

 Waves move in patterns.

 Patterns move in rhythms. 

 Human beings are just that; Energy,  waves, patterns, rhythms. Nothing more,  nothing less… a dance.” ~ Gabrielle Roth


 Morning Waves is a calling into the  embodied simplicity of Gabrielle Roth’s  5Rhythms® wave map. A journey into the rich tapestry of the moment.


 Come join us at Saint Mark’s Church as  we dive into our own moving center, a  place where instinct meets wisdom and  breath welcomes spirit. All you need is  yourself, just the way you are.


An invitation to the place where you can drop in and give yourself permission to find a new pathway to the mystery.


In every moment we are called to choose our path, ofter caught between instincts & emotions, desires & aversions, past experiences & new approaches, ego & soul. Our dance reflects these polarities, and reveals our unique way of being in the world.


Using the 5Rhythms® Waves map of Gabrielle Roth, we will rediscover our organic and vibrant way of moving to create the space for transformation, compassion, connection, and unity.

Large 66’ x 37’ wood-sprung floor with black “Marley” covering, with a non-dance seating area on one side and a huge transparent wall to the outside. 

The studio features a 35' tall ceiling & a

unique sound system that hangs off of it.



*Subway : F M J Z Delancey /Essex

F to East Broadway. 

* Bus : M14A

*Car Service (VIA):

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* Rides are all in Manhattan & for 1 person

Looking forward to having you join me on this

new exciting journey!

Wednesday nights 7:30pm - 9:30pm
551 Grand street, NYC, NY
(bet Henry & Madison)