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Montana Mountain Magic

A Big Sky Yoga & 5Rhythms Retreat

with Giulia Pline and Ariel Karass

at Feathered Pipe Ranch in Helena, MT

July 5th-11th, 2020

Feathered Pipe Ranch


Trade the hectic pace of the concrete jungle for the Big Sky Country. Surround yourself in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains with a majestic lakeside view on the edge of acres of forest and mountains. 


This week is all about diving deeper into yourself, an opportunity for total self-care and healing of body, mind, and spirit through yoga & movement practices as well as meditation & 5Rhythms dance in the heart of the Montana Rockies. In the oasis that is Feathered Pipe Ranch, we will move and find stillness together to discover and uncover new pathways for space, ease, lightness and connection.


Each day will begin with a different morning meditation, from Loving Kindness, to walking meditation, to mantra and breath focused meditation, silent meditation, and more. Before our longer group practice sessions, we will guide you daily through a FRC (functional range conditioning) inspired mobility warm up, a system designed to improve joint mobility, function, control, and health. Our intention is to teach/give you the tools to be able to walk away with a daily morning movement & meditation routine to keep your body, mind and spirit well-oiled, grounded and moving with ease.


Twice a day we will gather for group movement practices. The morning practice will consist of vinyasa style yoga (linking breath with movement) infused with movement and concepts we have gathered through our various studies in anatomy, kinesiology, physical therapy, bodywork, mobility, and biomechanics. Classes are designed with the intention of discovering and unravelling the web of the body in a holistic way, linking movement with breath and mindfulness. Expect to learn, play, flow, grow, discern, work smarter, rest deeply & recover. Afternoon group practices will oscillate between restorative yoga, 5Rhythms dance (see description below), myofascial release sessions, resistance band and yoga explorations, partner work, and more (all props/tools will be provided).


In between your movement sessions, expect to be well nourished with locally grown and organic food (veg/non-veg options) at every meal, starry night skies in the evening, cedarwood sauna sits, and hot tub soaks. 7 days, and 6 nights of pure bliss. In addition, you will have options throughout the week to participate in various group activities including hiking, a rafting trip, canoeing, a bonfire night, a trip into Helena, a trip to the Blacktail Ranch cave, and more.


Join us for an incredibly inspiring and memorable week.


Visit the Feathered Pipe website for further information on the ranch, it’s accommodations, activities, and more:




Main Lodge:

Shared rooms $1650

The main lodge has the character of western luxury of the last century with a huge, wood-beamed main hall and library with four adjoining spacious bedrooms. Each room sleeps three or four and has its own bathroom. Staying in the main lodge has the advantages of immediate, 24-hour access to the main hall for personal early morning practice and close proximity to the Feathered Pipe kitchen and dining hall where our staff work their culinary magic.

The Ranch Chalet:

Double occupancy/shared bath $1950

Single occupancy/shared bath $2050

Double occupancy/private bath $2150

Single occupancy/private bath $2350

The chalet offers spectacular views of the Ranch overlooking the lake and the northern Rocky Mountains stretching beyond. Rooms have been hand crafted with wood flooring, abundant soft lighting, wood-chinked, outer walls and baseboard heating for the rare occasions when the wondrous, Montana summer nights become too chilly for your comfort. Private and shared bathrooms are available with a shared veranda for the upper floor and outer deck for the ground floor rooms.

The Lake Cabin:

Shared room/shared kitchen/private bath $2450

Private room/shared kitchen/private bath $2650

This is premier real estate at the Feathered Pipe Ranch! A beautiful two-bedroom, two bath, fully appointed mountain cabin, this lovingly-constructed space is tailor made for those seeking all the comforts of home (kitchen for coffee/tea and ready-made food only). The East side of the cabin has a large living room/sitting area bathed in morning light with a large bay window offering a relaxing view of the Peace Garden, our sprawling lawn, and Main Lodge. The West side of the cabin has a second seating/lounging area off the master bedroom with a long row of windows outside the lake-side deck for lake- and sunset-viewing. The deck is a perfect space for gathering with friends or sitting in solitude to appreciate the late afternoon sparkles of Montana summer sunlight on the lake.

Honeymoon Cabin:

Double occupancy/private bath $2350

Single occupancy/private bath $2550

Up in the forest beyond Teachers’ Cabin, two more cabins are available for those who like being still more intimate to nature. The Honeymoon Cabin offers a rustic ambiance with a front porch and room for two with a private bathroom. Its proximity to the bathhouse allows you to take full advantages of sauna, hot tub and restful, healing massage before snuggling in for the night.


Sai Condo: 

Shared (up to 3 people) $1750

Sai Condo is nestled still farther back in the tall pines with a large floor to ceiling wall of windows and room for three. Both the Honeymoon Cabin and Sai Condo have heat, but Sai Condo lodgers will need to toddle off on a short walk to the beautiful bathhouse for restroom and shower facilities. Both cabins comfortably straddle the two worlds between nature living and the creature comforts of home.



Private $1750

Experience Montana’s great outdoors in comfort! The most requested lodging at the Feathered Pipe Ranch without question is our yurt accommodations, and for good reason. With large, glass domes located at the center of the lattice-supported, canvas ceiling, brilliant, warm sunlight pours in during the day and offers a breathtaking view of the starry, starry sky at night. Nothing compares! Our yurts can sleep two and feature raised wood flooring and an interior sealed from the external elements.


Deluxe Wall Tent:

Private $1950

Glamping at it’s finest – our wall tents will make you feel like royalty while lounging in the great outdoors of Montana’s Rocky Mountains. Our lovingly-appointed wall tents are more than just a great shelter for getting a good night’s sleep – they’re unique, roomy outdoor living spaces that offer a relaxing oasis for savoring fresh air and solitude.


Single or double $1650

Our tipi dwellers love falling to sleep on elevated cots inside toasty sleeping bags while gazing at the myriad sparkling stars spread across the crystal clear night sky and waking to a cathedral of bird songs welcoming in the new day. True, intimate connection with nature can be experienced in tipi living; it’s clear why the Plains Indian tribes developed this perfect nomadic dwelling. Our tipis offer you an open “eye to the sky” with canvas walls that shift color, light and shadow during daylight.


Single $1650

Tent accommodations as well are hidden amidst the trees for those who truly want solitude to “rough it,” the comfortable Feathered Pipe way in the Montana great outdoors. “Roughing it” includes full access to the nearby bathhouse with its fragrant cedar wood, the warmth of the sauna, and soothing bliss inside our sparkling hot tub.


*$500 deposit secures your spot with the total due 8 weeks before departure. There are no refunds, barring emergencies.


Getting There:

We recommend flying into the Helena Regional Airport. Airport shuttle service is included if arriving on the day of and leaving on the last day. if you are arriving early or leaving early an airport shuttle is available for $35 one way. The driver will meet you at baggage claim wearing a Feathered Pipe t-shirt. Please plan to arrive in the afternoon-before 5pm on July 5th, and depart by 11am-later on July 11th.


Other FAQs:



Giulia Pline

I began studying and practicing yoga to supplement my dance training during my time as a B.F.A Dance major at The Boston Conservatory. Yoga became a natural extension of dance for me, providing a different path to discover more about myself. Fast forward a few years and injuries later, I expanded how I view and teach yoga through my pursuit of extensive studies in movement & kinesiology, anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. I left the dance and performing world behind, but infuse its knowledge, detail, somatic awareness, and passion into my work.


My desire to grow my teaching through greater knowledge and understanding of movement, training, and the body has led me to complete multiple courses with Threes Physiyoga Method, Gary Ward's AiM, Functional Anatomy Seminars, PRI, DNS, and ELDOA.


My group classes, workshops, and private lessons integrate yoga & pranayama (breathing) practices with corrective exercise, functional mobility work, and knowledge from the physical therapy world. Working this way evolves, inspires, and expands our movement and breath vocabulary, sheds light on how we can create more efficiency and clarity within our own individual mechanics and helps us stay healthful, intentional, and joyful.

Learn more:


Ariel Karass

I was born to an American father from California and an Israeli mother in the multicultural holy land of Israel. I claimed my independence early in life, and made my home the beautiful northern mountain farmlands of Kibbutz Manarah and Misgav Am.

After serving in the Israeli military, I completed my Bachelor's Degree at Tel Hai college and had my share of travels in the Far East. Then in 2002, before committing to a four-year program at a University, I decided to visit my father in California. A few months later I found myself in NYC, falling in love with yoga, dance and bodywork!

Life sometimes happens in between the lines. Goals may change when you least expect it. Every moment is magical and grace is everywhere; it's up to us to keep the channels open so we can truly listen, partake and live life to its fullest.

In our strive for health, happiness, peace, contentment and unity, we need a practice to keep us grounded and focused on our goals yet flexible to the different rhythms of life. When we let that practice become our art, and plant the right intention, we become a moving prayer.

The 5Rhythms® (by Gabrielle Roth):

“5Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice, a practice of being in your body, that ignites creativity, connection, and community.While a seemingly simple process, the 5Rhythms practice facilitates deep and unending explorations, moving the dancer beyond self-imposed limitations and isolation into new depths of creativity and connection.


The 5Rhythms are: Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical,  Stillness®. The rhythms are states of Being. They are a map to everywhere we want to go, on all planes of consciousness – inner and outer, forward and back, physical, emotional and intellectual. They are markers on the way back to a real self, a vulnerable, wild passionate, instinctive self.”

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