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Shiatsu Massage

My very first shiatsu session was an unexpected gift from a close friend. Little did I know it would have such a profound impact on me.

The clarity and the imprint upon both my inner & outer body (or physical & mental space) lasted with me long enough to want to seek out more about the practice.


Shiatsu was like stepping into a gold mine, an opportunity to learn a method that I personally connected with and felt the urge to offer healing through.


My background as a dancer and a yoga teacher has influenced my shiatsu sessions which include a well-balanced work between the dualities of push-pull, listen-apply, kiyo-jitsu, and yin-yang.


I work with all age groups and any injuries and sessions are geared towards overall well-being for anyone.



Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork. The word shiatsu means "finger pressure", and shiatsu is sometimes described as a finger pressure massage.

Like acupuncture, shiatsu is based on the holistic system of traditional Chinese medicine, where illness is thought to result from imbalances in the natural flow of energy, or qi, through the body. A scientific explanation is that shiatsu calms an overactive sympathetic nervous system, which improves circulation, relieves stiff muscles, and alleviates stress.



Ohashiatsu is a unique method of healing touch. It's also a method of meditation, a method of self-improvement.

It's taking shiatsu/acupressure

to a different level.

Initially developed to keep the giver's body healthy, the relaxed state of the giver actually makes it more effective and more comfortable for the receiver.

Ohashiatsu combines hands-on touch techniques, limb rotation, and stretches, in a seamless flow of movement. It is an energizing dance.

Call or email to inquire or book

Sliding Scale Pricing

646.382.2187 /

Cancellation policy: 24 hours advance notice required, otherwise the session must be paid in full.

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